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  • Dec
    16th 2017

    Please see the details below for River Cruise
  • Nov
    11th 2017
    PRE-BOARD EXAMINATION SCHEDULE (2017 - 2018) FOR CLASS 10-A & 10-BRead More...
  • Sep
    24th 2017
    Admission Procedure for Nursery Session 2018-2019
  • Aug
    1st 2017
    Admission Notice for Nursery 2018-2019
  • Apr
    6th 2017
    Online Fees Payment Procedure
  • Apr
    5th 2017
    Congratulations!! Loreto Dharamtala has been granted ISC Affiliation
  • Apr
    5th 2017
    How do I get the e-Care Mobile App of Loreto Day School, Dharamtala...Read More...
  • Apr
    4th 2017
    Steps to download & use ‘e-Care Mobile App’
  • Apr
    4th 2017
    For any query or help regarding e-Care Services
  • Apr
    3rd 2017
    Students are requested to submit their creativity at e-Care office for...Read More...


First Row (Left to Right):

Mr. M. Manuel, Mrs. S. Sheikh, Mrs. C. Chaudhuri, Mrs. D. Mahajan (Middle School Coordinator), Mrs. A. Gomes (Principal),
Mrs. D. Gomes (Junior School Coordinator), Mrs. L. Gomes, Mrs. S. Rozario, Mrs. I. Dutta

Second Row (Left to Right):

Mrs. M. Benjamin, Mrs. R. Mukherjee, Mrs. A. Das, Mrs. V. Nair, Ms. A. Bajpai, Mrs. L. Mishra, Mrs. S. Seal, Mrs. M. Paul,
Mrs. P. Ryan

Third Row (Left to Right):

Mrs. C. Datta, Mrs. R. Mazumder, Mrs. L. Paul, Mrs. A. Ganguly, Mrs. J. George, Mrs. T. Ahmed, Mrs. Y. Thomas, Mrs. S. Zaman,
Mrs. M. Bag, Mrs. L. D'Reego, Mrs. M. Mitra

Fourth Row (Left to Right):

Mrs. B. Dubey, Mrs. D. Banerjee, Mrs. R. Neogi, Mrs. A. Banerjee, Mrs. J.M. Basu, Ms. A.R. Gomes, Mrs. S. Imam, Ms. S. Anthony, Mrs. T. Bhaumik, Mrs. P. Neogi, Ms. J. Pillai

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